Modular Infrastructure Platform

Ship your product better,
faster, and secure

Plug-and-play infrastructure modulesfor product teams that need to scale

One configuration for each infra layer

No manual configuration

Easy maintenance with a short config declaration

moduleyour-app-prod: postgres_version allocated_storage max_allocated_storage7lines of codefor one layerCommunity modulesource = official
version = latest
identifier = your-app-prod-ins
option_group_name = default-
135lines of codefor each layer

Reduce cognitive load

Manage 10+ parameters
instead of 1000+

10+parameters1000+parametersQDO moduleCommunity module

Improve time-to-market

Boost your product’s delivery speed 7xwithout sacrificing quality or security

Feature shipped to productions3 day ago7xFeature shipped to productions4 hours ago

A platform trusted by
Devs and Ops

QDO is a modular infrastructure platform designed to simplify developers' work, allowing them to focus more on product delivery and less on managing infrastructure. It includes pre-configured, integrated modules for monitoring, autoscaling, security, and traffic balancing, essential for efficient production application management.

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Dmitry Ovchinnikov

CTO @ Insly

Besides the daily routine of infrastructure upgrades, software upgrades, new software rollouts, equipment upgrades and other related tasks, QDO also brings value as IT advisors: software architecture, IT security, cost optimizations, processes efficiency, disaster recovery protection, monitoring, and alerting. Our developers are able to focus on product development thanks to QDO taking care of its delivery and operation.

How much does it cost?

QDO offers subscription-based plans tailored to meet your organization's needs

*one-year minimum subscription duration

Starter Plan

starting from

3 100 € / month

  • QDO Modular Platform
  • Support Stack
  • 1 Kubernetes Cluster
  • 2 Environments
  • Consultancy
  • SLA
  • Unlimited Applications

Standard Plan

starting from

100 € / month

  • QDO Modular Platform
  • Support Stack
  • 3 Kubernetes Cluster
  • 5 Environments
  • Consultancy
  • SLA
  • Unlimited Applications

Enterprise Plan

billed annually only

Custom pricing

    personalized solutions designed to fit your requirements, including guaranteed SOC 2 certification and disaster recovery services.

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    QDO Modular Infrastructure?

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